In Defense Of: Alien Vs. Predator (2004)

Paul W.S. Anderson's critically maligned Alien Vs. Predator is by no means the best Alien or Predator film out there - but here's why it's worth a watch.

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TheHip141675d ago

It was mediocre at best.

windblowsagain1674d ago

I Enjoyed it.

But if an when they make a new film. It needs to be more in line with the classics, but with better effects and a good cast.

The recent alien convenant films are awful tbh. 2nd one was better though.

Michael Fassbender I do not want in a new film,lol. Don't like the guy at all.

FTLmaster1674d ago

Covenant was really good. Fassbender was awesome in his dual role.

Gaming4Life19811674d ago

Yea I liked Prometheus and I really liked covenant but I am a die hard alien fan. Fassnender is great in both movies, top tier actor in my opinion.

Avp 1 & 2 sucked but both are very watchable. What makes ave bad is the simple fact a predator made a friend out of a human, that was so lame and the fact it was pg-13. I can go on but those 2 things should be enough.