The Curious Case of The Last Jedi and Its Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score

Something fishy's going on with The Last Jedi's Rotten Tomatoes audience score.

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thorstein1236d ago

Well, that isn't going to set well with the hateboys. Funny what happens when someone applies critical thinking and analysis. Well, done. Very well done.

Bimkoblerutso1236d ago

I think the fanboy rage is making it too easy for shill critics to come in and say "fanboys didn't like it because it didn't play into their expectations."

But the truth of the matter is this was just a poor movie. It was a beautiful movie, for sure, but it seems like there was such a concerted effort to subvert every single little minute expectation going in, that we ended up with a horrible, sloppy mess of plot-holes and cringey humor and social fingerpoking and satisfying payoffs ANYWHERE.

Star Wars fans are used to plot twists and playing against expectations. That's what made the original trilogy so great, in fact. The problem with this movie is that the twists were so poorly conceived that they just felt like lazy, contrarian writing akin to something out of like a hyper-liberal college girls fanfic.

thorstein1235d ago

If you want to really see what is behind the hate, realize that these are the people who claimed Rey was a Mary Sue (she wasn't) and don't like that she is a love interest to a black a galaxy far, far away, a long, long time ago... see Robearboy's comment below.

Women can be strong. The movie is a good Star Wars movie. Is it better than Rogue One or The Force Awakens? No. It is not. Is it a veritable torch passing from the old characters to the new? Yes.

Bimkoblerutso1233d ago

She is a Mary Sue, though I don't necessarily subscribe to the notion that she's a product of any feminist peer pressure. I just think she's a very lazily written character, and this movie pushed that issue even further to the forefront. Her motivations are flimsy next to her moral drive, her backstory is painfully uninteresting, and the randomness of her power (though it could be nerdily explained through the extended lore) is, at the very least, boring in it's lack of explanation and build.

Protagonist1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Great research!

I am not surprised, yet I am surprised that some will go to such measures as to sign up to review The Last Jedi, and then delete their account after registering. I loved the movie and have already seen it twice.

PhantomS421236d ago

RT is pretty much the Yelp of cinemas. Only people who love to hate everything go out of their way to leave bad reviews.

Robearboy1236d ago

There is nothing fishy about it at all, the film was a SJW filled cluster fuck that was beautifully set up by The force awakens and smashed by the idiot who created this mess. FU Disney

equal_youth1236d ago

Sadly thats true... rest in peace Akbar (who died the sadest off screen death to make room for Laura Dern...)

Lord_Sloth1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Ya know, I'd rather have had Ackbar do the deed and Dern's character not exist. He was already there and deserved to go out like the seasoned hero he was.

thorstein1235d ago

Thank you for revealing what is behind all the hate.

Averyashimself1233d ago

Now we know who were dealing with everyone. "HATE HATE HATE" Jesus christ dude. You need to give up on thinking that everything is just simply hate because you can't rationalize that a film you enjoyed was terrible in other peoples eyes.

Daishi1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I remember looking at reviews before the movie and seeing the 90%. I went in with an open mind having loathed Force Awakens but loved Rogue One. I came out with a "meh" attitude towards the film. I am far more cynical towards established frachises but I was able to enjoy it and my friends who can just watch a film without a political thought enjoyed it far more. It was an ok big bugdet film, at the very least entertaining. The biggest improvement over Force Awakens was Rey. She actually had a personality in this film and she didn't seem anywhere near as one dimensional. On the opposite hand ,however, you have jar jar 2.0. Finn is still the bumbling idiot that they never really flesh out. His back story is trully incredible and probably the series biggest let down. You have someone raised their entire life by the First Order who for some reason, despite years of indoctrination and witnessing untold acts of cruelty has a bubbly personality!? Not to mention the fact that he is now trapped inside the ressistance as explained by new character Rose (his bumbling side kick). If you haven't seen the film the spoiler free version of this scene is dealing with those who have attempted desertion. If anyone has the right to not be there, it's Finn. But these dark issues of his are never fleshed out because he is held as the comic relief/the only way I survive is well timed luck. His character ark is just so shallow from what it could be. To cut this short it's a movie that can only be appreciated in motion. The visuals do most of the heavy lifting and I can say that the more you think about the movie the less you like it. Go read some proffessional reviews and you'll see what I've been seeing. They liked the film and most of the review is defending why a led to b and how it makes sense. The problem with it is as they write you can see the sour seep in as they are forced to remember cringy parts of the film. In motion it's easy to ignore the annoying parts of the film because it all leads somewhere and there is payoff. When looking back in retrospect those scenes stick out far more than they did watching the film.

DillyDilly1236d ago

There is no curious case with a 77 $ drop in its 2nd weekend

thorstein1235d ago

Ummm... so it went from 220 million to 150 million. ummm okay...

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