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Is Disney Becoming Too Powerful Of A Monopoly After Buying Fox And Star Wars?

Disney has announced plans to acquire 21st Century Fox in a deal expected to cost $52 billion pending approval by the authorities. The move, if approved, will give Disney ownership of Fox's studios and rights to all its popular TV series and movies. The plan adds to the Disney galactic empire which was imposing even before the planned acquisition. The company has plans to release streaming entertainment service in 2019 which would have made it formidable even without considering the impact of acquiring Fox. The proposed streaming service would be the first one to rival Netflix. The merger is among the largest in the history of the American entertainment industry, and it will make the company too powerful for the following reasons.

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raymantalk11067d ago

no so long as they keep up quality

Qrphe1067d ago

Then we're far beyond that point

S2Killinit1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

does this deal include Fox News? Maybe Disney will make it a more responsible news station.

Deadpoolio1067d ago

No. Faux Noise and Fox Sports both stay desperate from Disney

Aither1067d ago

After watching Episode VIII, it is apparent Disney is the true evil Empire in the universe.

woodtock1067d ago

No, that’s feminism invading Hollywood movies.

Summons751067d ago

Becuase they made a fantastic movie? Yeah, truly evil for providing quality entertainment...

DillyDilly1067d ago

Is it Disney's fault that the other studios suck ?

SpringHeeledJack1067d ago

What is the point of having competition authorities when they green light every takeover. Just a few companies own all the worlds media now. Like what happened to WWE when they bought up the competition, Disney quality will go drastically down the toilet as they are so big and own so much they have no competition now, nobody pushing them to up their game.

DillyDilly1067d ago

When studio start not making money because the majority of their films suck eventually they are gonna wanna sell & merge with someone else. Im guessing FOX is the exception here since the owner wants nothing to do with Movies / TV Shows anymore. But look at the WB they are up for sale & trying to merge with AT&T. FOX will merge with Disney & its only a matter of time Sony, Paramount, Lions Gate all do various merges. It is not Disneys fault that most studios suck now a days

Summons751067d ago

People should probably learn what a monopoly is because there are still many, many, MANY other studios and distributors that make and are allowed to make movies. Not to mention, why would anyone complain if it means we get more good movies...