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Ranking the Star Wars Films Post-The Last Jedi

Ranking the Star Wars films - With the release of The Last Jedi, controversy has been stirred. What is the best Star Wars film, and where does TLJ rank?

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guywazeldatatt2401d ago

some of this may be controversial but most of us can agree on #8. :(

Anzil2400d ago

The Last Jedi was incredible.

guywazeldatatt2400d ago

it's the only one on the list that is actually a very bad film.

ninsigma2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

You think Attack of the clones is better than the last Jedi?? Wha!? Man AOTC was by far the worst movie. Just so awkward and badly written. Last Jedi is up there with empire.

Edit: fixed auto correct

emiyaxtousaka2401d ago

don't completely agree with the list but the thing is after TLJ every star wars movie, even the prequels, look so much better in retrospect.

lifeistranger2401d ago

I agree with most of it. the prequels are underrated and TPM is not a bad film. Honestly I miss George Lucas. He's probably laughing his ass off.

guywazeldatatt2401d ago

It will be interesting to see how people view the prequels after this disaster that is the Sequel Trilogy. JJ set a solid foundation and Rian shattered it. Can JJ fix it? I'm not optimistic.

Eiffel2400d ago

Both are at fault. It'd be better if neither those two films existed.

guywazeldatatt2400d ago

@eiffel agreed. and I love it when people start race baiting and pull the race card. it has NOTHING to do with that. these characters are just shoe horned in there (literally the rose/finn subplot is to give them something to do while also lecturing us on the evils of privilege). like i think that's even more racist. if I cared about them, that would be one thing but they give us no reason to invest in these characters other than the color of their skin, not the depth of their character (hint: they're hollow)

Nodoze2401d ago

This list is WAY WAY off. Ranking Episode 1 above Episode IV??? Really? That is heresy.

guywazeldatatt2400d ago

Episode I laid an entire foundation for the story and universe. It’s one spot and honestly for me at least the order is always changing because they are all very close together, though I think RoTJ, RoTS, and ESB are a bit above the others. It’s not like I’m taking a shit on the original film.

The one that will always be definite is AOTC is light years beyond VIII. That’s just pathetic

s45gr322400d ago

Wait no mention of Rogue One, one of the best Star Wars film ever. I need to see the last Jedi. Attack of the Clones is really bad

guywazeldatatt2400d ago

maybe I should have made a disclaimer, but when I do things like this, I only rank the mainline films; I don't think you can compare them with the Saga, it's just a completely different kind of film. That being said, it was really good, way better than the piece of shit we got. On the other hand, I just didn't care for most of the characters except Jyn, but the humor was great and intelligent not like the shitty last jedi. AOTC isn't horrible, uneven pacing, but not horrible pacing. it's just that love story man...but everything else is really good.

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