Bringing The Fantastic Four And The X-Men To The MCU

Disney's acquisition of Fox could be very promising news for the MCU. Will it (re)introduce The Fantastic Four and The X-Men to the MCU?

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Retroman309d ago

Re-introducing the Fantastic 4 is the best way .

Aldous_Snow308d ago

Would love to see them do Galactus properly... Be friggin awesome

NordicRainy306d ago

I think I'm one of the few who actually liked that the X-Men weren't a part of the MCU. We got some amazing X-Men movies, and I just enjoyed them being their own thing.
Now I have a fear of the MCU just becoming too bloated. Although I'm sure some will die in Infinity War to make a little room (Big mistake if no one does)

Protagonist306d ago

Maybe now The Fantastic Four will be good.

skullandtones305d ago

I can't wait to see FF again. Hopefully, Chris Evans plays Human Torch and Cap and we all lose our minds!