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The Last Jedi Review - The film is a tonal disaster and is quite possibly the worst Star Wars film with horrible pacing and unlikable characters.

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guywazeldatatt402d ago

This film was such a colossal mess. No pacing whatsoever, visually it was just bad. The pacing was so bad it took away from the best character arc in the film and mark hamill's masterful performance. ben, rey, and luke are the only ones to care about.

guywazeldatatt402d ago

have any defense at all for this piece of shit film that has left the ST shattered in pieces?

bloop402d ago

Have to agree Darklink28. I've been a huge Star Wars fan all my life, but this film couldn't possibly have left me more disappointed. I really can't understand where all these positive reviews are coming from. Nothing was explained, nothing happened and it practically left the franchise with absolutely nowhere to go next, but the complete obvious.


It was basically a 2 and a half hour spectacle, with no substance. More than half the film was completely pointless, and the other half just completely ruined the legacy of the films that came before it. Phasma was a complete waste of time, Snoke was a complete waste of time and then they decided to ruin Luke's legend along with it. I wasn't a huge fan of TFA, but I gave it a pass because I saw it as a setup for where they were taking the franchise next. But they practically took the franchise and threw it out the window. I was expecting a huge reveal as to who Snoke was (Darth Plageuis maybe??!!) but nothing, who Rey's parents were (absolute nobodies!!!) and then SURELY with everything that's happening, Luke was going to turn up to save the day!! Apparently, his name is merely legend but in reality he's nothing but a coward with very little to no power whatsoever!! One of the greatest legends in Star Wars lore just brushed aside!! And Luke was afraid to confront Kylo?? A petulant idiot that's extremely weak with the force?? The Jedi legend that didn't think twice about confronting both Vader and Sidious, two of the most powerful Sith ever, is running scared from Kylo, an absolute nobody who isn't even fully Sith?? None of it made sense. NONE OF IT!! The only thing this film succeeded in was destroying Luke's legacy. We're left to believe that the one person that single handedly, practically forced Anakin to bring balance to the force was just a fraud!!! Practically everything in this film denounced all that came before it!! It was all bullshit and none of it mattered!! It just made everything meaningless!! It actually left me a little bit heart broken!!! I grew up watching Star Wars, with so many great memories from them, and this film practically just threw all of it in the bin. I am beyond disappointed.

Nodoze402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

It is not nearly as bad as you are making out. There were some missteps, sure, but I felt this was better than TFA. TFA was a cut and paste copy of New Hope. This at least tries some new things, and broadens the scope a bit (don't want to give away plot point spoilers).

What I do object to is the token inclusion and blatant elevation of female and minority characters....simply for the sake of including token characters. I mean enough is enough already. All of the Star Wars films since Disney has taken over are led by female characters (including Battlefront 2 as a game), there are token minority roles as if there is a PC checklist they are ticking boxes on. It is ridiculous.

guywazeldatatt402d ago

for me again the filler sequence you know i'm talking about was horrible, you have no investment, and the token character you know i''m talking about shoves SJW stuff down our throats. politics in star wars has never been overt per se in pushing a certain ideology, only alluded to. this took it too far.

I loved Luke's arc it's just the structure and the pacing is my biggest issue. I'll seee it again but other than luke/rey/ben/snoke there was no story. that was messed up.

OmnislashVer36402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

TF, seriously? Finn and Rose are good characters, that's all there is to it. Iden Versio was shit and that was shoehorned as fuck, but Finn carried TFW and was even better than Rey.

All these races in the galaxy and you're mad they're not all white- instead of realizing what makes them good.

OmnislashVer36402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Such fucking BS. Finn and Rey led TFW, they both even participated in the lightsaber battle. Finn was even better than Rey.

And you say "all of the Star Wars films" as if there are like 50 with female leads. No, Rey is just one lead in Star Wars and has been that way for two movies, and will likely stay that way for the trilogy.

Iden Versio was shit and that was Dice's fault.

And token characters? Shit, they're good characters that happen to be colored. Saying all the white characters are token characters are just as easy and just as stupid of an argument.

You're really, really f-ing anal about leads being anything but a white male.

bloop402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

OmnislashVer36: If you can't see the forced "diversity" in Star Wars since Disney took over, you're blind. All these female characters are shoehorned, not just Versio. Practically every character of higher authority in the resistance is female, and all in the first order are male. Every lead hero since Disney took over are female. Woman good, man bad. Girl power 🤞 Just Disney trying to cash in on sucking more people in. Majority of Star Wars fans are male, so they feel the need to make all higher authority characters female in hope they'll pull in some female fans. It's all forced and just a ploy to reach a wider audience and make more money.

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OmnislashVer36402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Impressed that you could take your subjective opinion so damn far. Every time someone says they enjoyed it you say "what about my points?" as if your opinion is some arbitrary standard.(furthermore, you don't really have any points, at all)

Personally, I thought it was single best of all of the Star Wars films- had the most plot analytically, the most characterization in my opinion, the characters were well differentiated, and the plot darker than any others. It was technically sound and extremely thorough compared to most Star Wars films. Rose was a good new character, and their subplot with Finn was enjoyable. The effects were top-teir as well, I think people are just finding shit to complain about with that nonsense.


And if you really think it's SJW because the new character was Asian, seriously screw you and get out of your self-righteous singular bubble.

lifeistranger402d ago

I read the review and he says nothing about race or being SJW. why are you interjecting race and SJW into it?

OmnislashVer36402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Seriously? I'm talking to these two who say "minorities are token characters" and say the film is SJW multiple times all over this thread. This has nothing to do with the review, this has to do with their comments.

zerocarnage402d ago

Well said, couldn't be more true, screw the consumers who obviously don't understand star wars.

Especially the person calling Luke a coward for not facing ren. Luke knew his time was up, he also knew he had a chance to help the rebellion, he used his last bit of energy to project himself to where the battle was going and saved them, if anything that is a way to go for a true hero. And his message was at that time I am the balance (you know when he spoke to Rey earlier about balance between light and dark), well Luke displayed that balance before his time he put himself in between light and dark.

Like I said people obviously are not paying attention properly to characters words, reactions, actions.

Kylo is still conflicted, Leia left Hans dice behind and he picked them up, he wouldn't of picked them up if he was still conflicted. Kylo will turn back to the light in the third film and I have a feeling it will be his mother's death that's the cause of it been as he couldn't kill her at the start of the film..

emiyaxtousaka402d ago

@zero its' funny the review says that luke's character arc is amazing but poorly executed but this whole thread stopped being about actual article a long time ago..

emiyaxtousaka402d ago

the actress who played rose was a very poor choice. just a hollow character. it has nothing to do with race, but she was just shoe-horned in there and her only purpose was to talk about how rich people are evil funding the first order. generalize much?

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-Foxtrot402d ago

Oh it’s bad

Like TFA was disappointing to me but this takes the cake

He took everything JJ Abrams set up in the TFA, all the plot arcs and internet theories and knocked them all down like they meant he was trying to override what JJ did and make it his film

Finn wasn’t even needed in TFA, Poe could have escaped himself and at least then he would have been the Han Solo character and Rey would have been the “Skywalker” so she didn’t do everything and make her a Mary Sue. He was the diversity character at the end of the day.

Sad thing is Rogue One did diversity but it never was felt forced, it felt natural. A band of mis matched people coming together under chance.

OmnislashVer36402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Dude you mean Finn could have escaped and Poe was unneeded. And Rogue One was the most forced garbage out there. The plot was seriously "lets get as many low-voiced people of every race to take out the Death Star". None of them were diverse in character, everyone of them just talked in a low voice and that's pretty damn objective. You can literally quantify how everyone talked in a low voice from start to finish in that movie.

Finn was actually a good character and it's just laughable what you said.

emiyaxtousaka402d ago

Finn's whole arc in this one was to fight Phasma (it's in the trailer, it's not a spoiler) and that is IT. Like he had a great character arc in TFA actually and Rian Johnson decided to take a dump on everything JJ established. I NEVER thought I'd be glad JJ is back.

-Foxtrot402d ago


Dude your defending crusade of this film is ridiculous.

Finn was a pointless character in TFA and he's more pointless now. In TFA he was literally just standing there while Rey did everything, if Poe was written where he managed to escape by chance at least his stuff, which he was already doing, could have been expanded on and given him more of a purpose. Finn was like drooling out the side of his mouth for the entire film, then they gave him a Lightsaber fight to make him feel he did something.

This film was a was horrible in story, pacing and respect to the characters

Averyashimself401d ago

Thank you for pointing out the forced diversity! I am glad we agree on this. Force Awakens felt very smooth, where as TLJ felt like they just shoe-horned Rose in the movie for only the sake of having an asian character. You don't make characters to fit a demographic, you create characters to further a story; which Rose did not do.

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lifeistranger402d ago

it had some good moments but not as bad as people are saying.

gleepot402d ago

the only people that are saying it is bad are people with bad taste

guywazeldatatt402d ago

dude like actually back your points up or you're just proving my point that it's a horrible film. the worst SW film ever.

PapaBop402d ago

The problem is the glowing reviews calling it the best Star Wars since Empire. So many including myself went in with near astronomical expectations after seeing them and left feeling unsatisfied. It's definitely not as bad as many say but at the same time it's not as amazing as the glowing reviews make it out to be either.

guywazeldatatt402d ago

I had no expectations whatsoever, but I was excited. The problem is this film had no structure. It had no pacing. Half of it was filler (everything Finn/Rose). Luke's character arc was actually perfect, BUT, because the pacing was so so so horrible it was hard to follow and put together. Someone needs to make a cut of the film when it comes out of cutting out pretty much all the casino stuff and some of the resistance stuff.

guywazeldatatt402d ago

it's objectively a horrible film. there is no structure. half the film adds NOTHING to the plot. it doesn't advance anything. it retconned a lot from TFA. it's legitimately the worst film i've ever seen. `

X-Alchemist402d ago

I was fairly frustrated with the Finn/Rose filler. I didn't care for it at all, not the weird Kangaroo horses being set free, or Roses bond to her family necklace. I mean, Roses sister dying just came out of no where, we had no idea who she was, so why on earth was I supposed to care about her dying? But nonetheless the film expected me to care. Which was a bad trend all throughout the movie.

I was only interested in the Rey/Luke scenes which were actually quite good, but the climax between Luke and Ben was so disappointing, that fight had such a lazy yet cringy plot-twist, I literally burst out laughing when I saw Luke meditating with all his power to keep up his projection. Still, anything that comes after the Force Awakens will be a better star wars film, this one was mildly better but still a long boring mess overall.

Oh and the general from the First Order, Domhnall Gleeson. He is such a great actor, so it's a shame that his character in the reboots is terribly overacted; he sounded like an evil villain from a cartoon show, 1 dimensional lazy, comic-relief villain with no depth.

guywazeldatatt402d ago


This film actually makes me appreciate TFA in many respects. It's just THAT bad for me.

OmnislashVer36402d ago

It's not an objectively bad film. Your opinion isn't some arbitrary standard. There's no such thing as objectively bad unless you're talking about something that has something quantifiable. As in objectively bad at using the color red often. Objectively bad at having people talk in a certain tone. Even so, that doesn't mean the film is objectively good or bad, you can only make a subjective analysis based on those facts, because someone may like it using more or less red or someone may like characters talking in a certain tone or not.

There is NO such thing as an objectively bad film, and if you're pretentious and up your own a** enough to actually believe that, your opinion isn't worth considering because you're mental as shit.

Averyashimself402d ago

This film did not lead me to care about any other characters than Luke, Rey, and Kylo. Finn and Rose's plot was a complete waste of time, as it meant nothing in the end anyways. This film did not further the plot to the saga whatsoever. Other than Kylo leading the First Order now and the rebels "lighting a fire", or whatever. They completely wasted Luke's return to the movies, as he did nothing of significance and introduced him with a comedic moment. This movie was leading up to be something very dark, as Force Awakens and the trailers led you to believe. However, it turned out to be a comedy, not a Sci-fi Fantasy film.

guywazeldatatt402d ago


yep the only characters to care about were Luke, Rey, and Ben. I wish they killed off Finn and/or Rose. I was hoping so badly.

It was all over the place. There was so much HORRIBLE humor like the gag of Luke tossing the lightsaber because I was tearing up right before that, such an emotional moment, then BOOM, shit all over. Fuck you Rian Johnson. Luke's arc was actually really good BUT because the film's filler and pacing was so bad (he was missing for 45 minutes; he should have just used his x-wing with R2 and returned in person). The film needs to be re-cut, BADLY. I don't understand how they could have possibly thought this was a good film. Objectively it's not a good film. It is the worst Star Wars film.

Averyashimself402d ago

Honestly, I would be much happier if they would just consider this non-canon. They could always say it's on a different timeline, or that it's part of a vision. I know they won't do that, but anything except wasting Luke's potential like they did. When I buy a digital copy of this movie, I'm cutting all of the Finn and Rose filler garbage. And now that I think of it, you could almost trim this movie down into a very quick television episode because there was so much inconsequential filler.

guywazeldatatt402d ago

yep I cannot wait for fan edits of this movie.

also, it's funny but I hope this film makes people appreciate the prequels that much more. George Lucas did know what he was doing. some of the dialogue sucked but the visuals and the music, and the overarching story was incredible. sometimes execution wasn't perfect but compared to this film, holy shit it makes them look like masterpieces.

DillyDilly402d ago

As someone that did not like The Force Awakens & I certainly did not like the story choices here I over all enjoyed The Last Jedi

maybelovehate402d ago

Is this a School assignment? If so I would give it a solid F. Seems the viewer missed the whole point of the movie. Finn, Rose, Poe etc were just as important to the future of the rebellion as Rey or Luke are. Maybe even more so. Leah was clearly grooming Poe to take over for her. And purposely or not Finn and Rose sparked hope for the future of the rebellion with their bravery despite if the primary objective failed.

The movie didn't take the obvious and easy routes but instead sparked the ideas through the actions of the characters whether they were failed actions or not. Star Wars characters never felt so alive and real and the universe never felt more compelling. Rian Johnson is a genius and Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie ever created.

guywazeldatatt402d ago

lol the problem with rose and finn (I actually do like poe and he had some development in the film, glad they didn't kill him off in TFA) is you do not care about them at all. you have no reason to. you have no vested interest. I didn't miss the point of the movie, the execution is just horrible. and yes Poe will take over now that leia is not going to be in the next film, that much is obvious.

lol the best star wars movie ever. I want whatever you're on man.

OmnislashVer36402d ago

Yeah, you have no vested interest, quit acting like your opinion is fact for someone else. I thought Finn and Rose were both good characters.

That's like saying Lando had to be integral to 5, and I'd personally say Rose and Finn are way more interesting.

Seriously, give your self-righteous ass a break.

OmnislashVer36402d ago

Definitely agree. Star Wars has never been particularly heavy on plot, rather effects and character driven. This was though, analytically it's the first to go into personal motive that isn't "let's destroy the empire", we're talking about characters with their own personal motives and ideals that drive them. It explored human themes like abandonment, loss, failure, without giving up the Star Wars charm that we're used to. It easily had the most plot and most thorough execution of any Star Wars to date. 10/10.

Darklink's self-righteous ass says "You don't feel this, you don't feel that", like STFU dude your opinion doesn't dictate how I enjoy the film.

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