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Disney To Acquire Fox

According to the Walt Disney Company’s site they have acquired 21st Century Fox’s portfolio of film and television properties along with other aspects of that business.

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Aldous_Snow311d ago

This is huge!! Xmen and the FF coming home and hopefully be done properly. And be joining the MCU sometime in future.

Aldous_Snow309d ago

So much salt in those disagrees lol

NordicRainy309d ago

A disagreement is a disagreement. There doesn't have to be salt attached to it.

360ICE309d ago

It's also huge because Disney is becoming a media titan. There's maybe some risk involved in having a single monolith in the entertainment industry? And does that risk outweigh the benefit of having your favorite fictional characters in the same movie? (Btw, Sony owns Spider-Man, and he still appears in MCU. There were other ways to achieve this end).

s45gr32309d ago

20th Century Fox will not fold over and allow Disney to take over. 20th Century Fox is well financially. This will be sad because is a Disney Oligopoly in the making. It will end up with Sony Tristar/Columbia and Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, and Disney. Those are the major movie studios left if 20th Century Fox went the way of the dodo.

cell989309d ago

Nobody bats an eye with Microsoft and Apple running the desktop world

XisThatKid309d ago

Well yes over now, was announced like a day ago

justy112309d ago

man, disney is going to ruin deadpool. they are never going to allow as much graphic content as fox did, to truly make it feel like deadpool. it seems walt disney company is one step closer to becoming a Monopoly.

ElectricBentoME309d ago

They aren't stupid. They know better than to mess with a winning IP. They will keep the mature movies in a separate entity like they have done in the past. Hell, Marvel themselves did this with MAX banner and DC does with Vertigo. Same idea. Most viewers will have no idea Disney owns Deadpool...

XisThatKid309d ago

Disney doesn't stifle movies like pulp fiction, kill bill, dusk till dawn, sin city Scream movies. Why would they start with Deadpool?