The 9 Star Wars Films Ranked

Over the past 40 years, we've received nine official live-action Star Wars movies. But which are the best ones?

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guywazeldatatt309d ago

lol TLJ #2? did disney pay you off?

Averyashimself309d ago

Not even a day after the film has came out, "THIS MOVIE IS THE BEST STAR WARS MOVIE EVER" I know the author of this opinion piece didn't claim that but so many casuals are spitting this madness.

guywazeldatatt309d ago

I think people like me, and I am artistic but I'm also much more analytical will hate this film. casuals will like it bc "omg explosions omg luke". but really it's a horrible film. horrible horrible film. but this is the same site that said george lucas said he liked TLJ when he never even said that, classic clickbait title taking a press person's words and twisting them like they did with TFA

Dynisty308d ago

Opinion piece = opinion