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The Last Jedi injects some new ideas into the galaxy far, far away, but not everything works.

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thorstein309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Lol. Disney execs were so impressed that they gave the director the reigns to a new trilogy. The premier earned a standing ovation.

But, you guys actually find it lacking. Let's look at your site and see what you found to be better, shall we?

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You is a 6.5 (making Last Jedi only slightly better)
Justice League
Battle of the Sexes
Geostorm gets a 6, but the Last Jedi, a 7.... wow. Just effing WOW.
The Lego Ninjago Movie
The Hitman's Bodyguard.

The list goes on and on.

All you have done is proven that critics are nothing. You aren't even dung since dung can serve a purpose.
You're not even a carrion eater, since at least we benefit from them when they eat dead carcasses.

woodtock309d ago

They are entitled to their opinion. Not everyone will love a movie.

thorstein306d ago

...and I am entitled to my opinion. Clickbait is clickbait. Yellow Journalism was yellow journalism. Sensationalism was sensationalism. See. Not everyone will agree with a critic.

MadMax309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Seriously? Sit down and STFU you big cry baby! This new trilogy is complete garbage in my opinion. Not even an aging old Luke can save it from being the nonsense that it is. Boring and dull story with lifeless characters.

The new cast are so boring and have no personality. Kylie Ren is the most pathetic villain! Takes his mask off within 30 min of the force awakens and he’s just some boring, normal looking human. Wow, so creative! Watch him throw a fit and act like a cry baby in it, haha like you. These new films have been so lifeless and so overhyped, it’s a joke. It doesn’t even feel like a proper Star Wars film, feels like a completely different universe.

They have butchered the franchise and ruined the name. I thought the last three films Lucas did were bad, lol. I would take Phantom Menace any day over these new films and I can’t stand that film!!!! I’ll stick with the original trilogy and continue to pretend these new ones don’t exist and are a bad dream.

They are someone else’s vision, and a horrible one at that, keep that in mind. You need to get over it and accept these movies for what they are, one big cash grab using the Star Wars name. It isn’t Star Wars to me, it’s something else in disguise.

thorstein306d ago

Poor cry baby, critic got called out. Cry some more. STFU? Lol and JK. ooh. Scary.

You're a sad little critic whose entire life will add up to absolutely nothing in the end.