Every Pop Culture Easter Egg In Ready Player One's Trailer

Here's all the Easter eggs and references we could find in the debut trailer of Ernest Cline and Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One!

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jerethdagryphon312d ago

Considering the book is a grand hunt story with a lot of time speant trying to get the clues i dont feel it will work as a film theres simply to many references and repetitive things he spends several weeks playing an arcade game of joust not in it playing it

T2X311d ago

No, he didnt spend weeks playing joust. He was skilled because he and H used to play all the time to settle their pop culture disputes. I just finished the book a few days ago.

jerethdagryphon311d ago

Its at least a week and he only eins cause of the left hand player. Thing. Further its just a arcade gsme he doesnt play as it no fancy vr stuff his avatar playimg the arcade cabinet.
Theres very little high action i font feel it will be very. Rushed and over dramatisised

jerethdagryphon311d ago

My bad just re read it your right first time

KingPin312d ago

this movie is one im looking forward to.
i feel sorry for those born in the 2000s. they wont catch half the stuff and im sure theyll be complaining about back stories and why characters werent explained properly. lol


I thought I also saw someone ride a chocobo?