The Last Jedi Soundtrack Listing Leaked

The Last Jedi Soundtrack Listing has been Leaked by, an infamous Star Wars spoilers site that has been around since the prequel years with an impeccable record for accuracy. They leaked the call sheet last year which spoiled The Force Awakens. The Soundtrack Listing does not include spoilers.

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guywazeldatatt368d ago

Honestly hope it's true. The track "The Last Jedi" sounds like it will be EPIC!

lifeistranger368d ago is reliable. They've already leaked parts of the artbook.

guywazeldatatt368d ago

I've posted there since I was a teenager. They are legit. And they leaked TFA call sheet weeks before the film's release.

guywazeldatatt368d ago

the visual dictionary, not the art book.

guywazeldatatt368d ago

Just want to note, the same poster who posted this leak has also been posting images from the visual dictionary. It's probable he has the soundtrack already, so it's only a matter of time until it's online.