Why 'The Batman' with a New Actor Could Work

Ben Affleck leaving the position, to give a new actor the role Batman in the DCEU could actually work. Now before you take out your flaming torches and pitchforks, hear me out! We all love Bruce Wayne aka Ben Affleck. - Digital Fox

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-Foxtrot326d ago

It wouldn't. You don't have a Universe then change actors like 2 films in...2 films which aren't even his own solo film

Start again, do a new Universe, get actors which are excited and ready to commit.

It's not even worth wasting Flashpoint on to be honest as you'll need it for when the other actors are ready to go in the future.

smashman98326d ago

Well I mean marvel changed hulk almost immediately I say we wait and see how it goes before jumping to conclusions

thekhurg326d ago

They could easily write it into a script. Or even asking Ben to come and film 15 minutes of him passing the cowl off.

-Foxtrot325d ago

To be fair Hulk was owned by Universal and then they decided to use that film in Phase 1...the actors changing was obviously going to happen, it's Edward Norton, dosen't seem like the type to stick to something like the MCU

SpringHeeledJack326d ago

But the current universe isn't working. Bale needs to come back along with Christopher Nolan.

gapecanpie326d ago

Bale sucked tho.... What made those movie good was everything else but bale lol .... He was the worst part of those movies....

Deadpoolio325d ago

NO....Just no....Craptacular Bale and overrated Nolan need to just stay the hell away from comic book movies...They are comic book movies, not generic thrillers about a guy with throat cancer set in the real world. ALL of the Nolan Batman films are garbage the exception being Batman Begins, atleast they had the excuse that it was the start of Bruce becoming Batman.

gapecanpie326d ago

Ben isn't the problem it's who WB keep picking to write the scripts...... That and I feel that in general DC super heros aren't meant to be live action movies unless it changed drastically from the comics like the Nolan bat films.

Mroc13325d ago

Finally someone who saw that Bale wasn't all that! Kudos!

Averyashimself325d ago

Or they could just, idk, get better direction for the DCEU going forwardj? Like pulling the weed that is Zack Snyder.

Summons75325d ago

Snyder is off the movies, he left in the middle of justice league when his daughter killed herself.

StarWarsFan320d ago

There's no reason to switch actors. Affleck isn't the problem. He's doing a fine job. It's the whole mess around his Batman that's the problem. They need to get a solo Batman movie going already, plain and simple.