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A Source Claims To Have Zack Snyder’s Version Of Justice League. Here Is How It Went

Haroon Shareef of Superherotalksite claims to have inside information about Zack Snyder's original version of Justice League.

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rutgersfan28699d ago

Just proves whedon is an overrated hack. Buffy and Angel were his greatest creations, but Angel was the better show, and he wasn't really all that involved (it was all Greenwalt until the last season or so.) Great read.

robtion696d ago

I like Buffy and I also thought the Justice League movie was really fun. Not perfect but I was entertained. That said I also like Dawn of the Dead, Suckerpunch and Snyder's movies in general.

dcbronco696d ago

Firefly was his greatest creation.

woodtock696d ago

I don't trust Zack Synder to make a great DC movie.......

Anzil696d ago

But you trusted Whedon?

woodtock696d ago

Yes. Whedon should of been given more time to improve this movie. He had only 6 months and it shows in the movie.

DillyDilly696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

Justice League's mess is Zack Snyder's fault. If Whedon said no the WB would have found somebody else. Not even Steven Speilberg could have fixed the mess of Zack Snyders original cut. People are not watching Justice League because of Joss Whedon. They are ignoring Justice League because of Batman v Superman & to a lessor extent Suicide Squad. Wonder Woman was a fluke & the DC brand is toxic. It is the names of Zack Snyder & Chris Terrio that are scaring people away from Justice League. The general movie going audience has no idea of the behind the scenes drama

-Foxtrot696d ago

He shot some of it...reshoots. He didn't make the entire thing, never set up the tone, didn't cast the actors, didn't write the initial story, didn't pick the direction for the overall world, didn't create the awful Batman v Superman.

He was brought in to do some reshoots, try and lighten it up, get his name attatched so people will people be hyped up since he did the Avengers and so on

Anzil695d ago

@woodtock Haha sure. It does show in the movie thanks to Whedons inability to actually finish Zacks work the way it was mapped out.

@TheRandomOne You haven’t seen Zacks original cut and if the rumours are true it was a way more cohesive story and structure. It now feels like a dumbed down Marvel movie. SAYS “it’s zack and terrios fault people are avoiding JL” but then states the general public don’t know about behind the scenes hahahahahaha You would be a fantastic politician!

@Foxtrot if you compare his reshoots with Snyder’s original vision the problem, save for the dialogue, are the issues. Actors are great and praised all over. The two tones are the problem.... they should have stuck with Snyder’s vision. A lot and myself included love BvS UE. Subjectivity;) Hype didn’t work because a lot are asking for Snyder’s cut.

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yomfweeee696d ago

Snyder has been terrible and I'm supposed to believe he did something amazing and WB ruined it based on this one person?

maybelovehate696d ago

Wait, is someone insinuating the hack Zack could make something better than the god Whedon?

Anzil695d ago

Absolutely Whedon is the true hack of Hollywood. Zacks got many favourite and lots of cult classics under his belt. Whedon not so much!

Retroman696d ago

It won't take long for WB release justice league Bluray, recoup they're loses.

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