Fans Start Petition For Zack Snyder Director's Cut Of Justice League

Fans have called for a petition for Warner to release a director's cut of Snyder's original Justice League film.

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Diffraction_Fos330d ago

This is funny as hell.
While the movie was in production, fans were like, "We don't want Zack Snyder. He's destroying the DCEU".
And when Snyder left and Whedon was signed, "Yesss. Whedon, the pioneer behind the Marvel Universe, can save the mess that Snyder created".

Now its all, "Give us Snyder's version. Whedon ruined the movie".
Its no wonder WB refuses to listen to fanboys whining.

thekhurg330d ago

Nope. People that DIDN'T like Snyder's vision wanted him out and wanted change. Those people still didn't like Justice League.

People that did enjoy Man of Steel/BvS and liked Synder's version of the DCEU want his version of the film because many are disappointed with the disjointed feel of Justice League.

CoryHG330d ago

This movie was garbage. Ranks with x3