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Spacey to be Replaced by Plummer in All the Money in the World


Sony Pictures and directo r Ridley Scott are cutting Kevin Spacey out of All the Money in the World, a movie that is still opening December 22.

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StarWarsFan1077d ago

This is such a shame. I just don't know about it. I think they should've just left him in. Everything is still allegations, yet it feels like Spacey's been convicted already. Roman Polanski was actually convicted in court and they still gave him an Oscar decades later.

Stringerbell1077d ago

Nope. When Anthony Rapp came out with his story about being a kid and Spacey thrusting himself onto him, Kevin had the chance to say it never happened and defend his name. Instead it was 'oh I dont remember' and 'oh btw I'm gay now everyone.' What a sleaze. And 'they' whoever they are, are irrelevant. What an academy does and what an individual director chooses to do are apples and oranges.

StarWarsFan1076d ago

Yeah, apples and oranges, but an Academy giving an Oscar is a much bigger statement than a role in a movie; so they should have just kept him in now that it's been filmed and everything.