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Disney Announces The Cast For The Live Action Lion King

Disney has revealed the full cast and more details about the pending live-action version of "The Lion King". The film is due in 2019 and has a very impressive cast.

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ion666353d ago

Why? The original cast is still alive. That's dumb.

blackblades353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Not actually one of them just passed away last week. Mufasa actor is the original. Besides it's been over 20 years not everyone can comeback deal with it.

Garethvk352d ago

True, I think it is a case of Irons and Jones were the only real names from the original. And lets be honest, if they had a white actor playing Scar, there would be hell to pay in terms of backlash in this day and age.

Garethvk352d ago

Remember, global audience. You have a generation of people who do not know who the originals are and you need name star power, especially for the new generation and to sell overseas.

SarcasticDuck353d ago

"live Action" but none of them is a lion!

Garethvk352d ago

Its like the Jungle Book. All CGI save for the one character so you can get away with it.