The Flash: [Spoiler] Leaves the Team, Aquaman Easter Egg Referenced

On last night's episode of The Flash 'Luck be a Lady', it turns out that a team member has decided to leave the team for Blue Valley. Aquaman referenced as well

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blackblades1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

What's so funny about that, anyways the episode was funny cisco is hilarious. Also arsenal left on arrow so there you go. Wished they left berry in the speed force longer so wally get some solo time on the field now he's not needed.

Retroman1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Seriously blackblades? with that name you should know they will Never give a man of Color to much air time nor that kind of money as a actor on Any show.
for example : the show "The Game " on B.E.T network all black cast except one . The Entire show surround the 1 White character why? in all cast black show, to pull in White demograph? . so why would a black speedster be important in a White tv show ? im very Sure that is the Real reason Keiynan Lonsdale left. directors had nothing to offer him with meaningful substance to add to the show or to his credit as a Speedster . don't be surprised to see him on Legend of tomorrow with rest of Flash has-been .

Blackblades this about what really going on "Behind the scenes" not what they want you to "see". you don't suddenly die or suddenly leave a High rated show unless creative difference took place . in layman terms Lonsdale Agent or Lonsdale himself disagreed on something . therefore a departure is made .

when a actor dies off any show good or bad is because creative difference or other cast members hate he or she or contract disbute of payment ( salary ) anything else is 100% BS

SarcasticDuck1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

I hope all these references to Batman and Aquaman means this shows are dying and need to pull this stuff out to call for attention