Marvel Seems To Think Their Films Are Like The Godfather

Marvel studios have been comparing their films to The Godfather, the second highest ranked movie on IMDB. And it has got to stop.

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SarcasticDuck1227d ago

yeah, if Civil War is The Godfather, then Batman Under the Red Hood is The Shawshank Redemption! Marvel is just trying to convince themselves they're making better movies then The Dark Knight (which is the third highest rated on IMDB)

Deadpoolio1227d ago

No Under the Red Hood is garbage....Rastafarian Bender Joker is god awful, Doogie Grayson just sounds weird and the really kinda butcher the actual story from the comics....

bobtheimpaler1227d ago

The exact same thing can be said of Civil War. The movies don't do the source material any justice because the studio can't be bothered taking the risk of honouring the source material. They need to treat the average movie goer like idiots.

thorstein1227d ago

fortressofsolitude seem to think their site is like Rotten Tomatoes. fortressofsolitude have been comparing their site to Rotten Tomatoes the highest ranking movie site. And it has got to stop.

Dynisty1227d ago

Nice try. But that isn't true.

thorstein1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Except that it is and it also becomes more apparent when the critic can't take criticism.

Especially when it was so clearly satirical. Sad critic is sad.

BenjaMan641227d ago

Well, these movies are certainly an offer you can't refuse.

bobtheimpaler1227d ago

The Marvel movies are incredibly shallow. Lack anything of substance and can't seem to deliver a solid story where characters actually earn their moments. Style over substance.