Most Disturbing Classic Disney Cartoons of All Time writes... What was Disney thinking??? It’s hard to look at all these lovable Disney Characters in the same way once you have seen them in these disturbing classic Disney cartoons. Let’s just say early classic Disney cartoons were more than a little shocking!

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ajax17737d ago (Edited 737d ago )

Donald Duck as a Nazi? Lol, wtf were they thinking? They knew we were at WAR, right?

thorstein736d ago

Disney supported the Nazis.

Deadpoolio736d ago

No they didn't are you people who keep spouting that crap retarded? They were the same company that wouldn't let the Russian Prime minister come to Disneyland because he hated communists,, The same guy who was informing to Joe McCarthy.....I Know being ignorant is the hip cool thing with the new pumpkin colored twinkie that runs the country BUT Communism does NOT equal socialism nor can the be the same thing, Germany and Russia FACT didn't like each other and, obviously America DID NOT care about the Jews because the only reason the US got into WWII was because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, NOT because 6 million innocent Jews had been slaughtered....

thorstein732d ago


What the eff are you ranting about. I said nothing other than the creator of Mickey Mouse, one Walter Disney, an anti semite (and many Americans for a fact) supported the Nazis.

What any of your other bizarro rant has to do with that makes no sense. And talk about being ignorant... Pearl Harbor was the only reason the US entered WWII!?!

Stop reading WIkipedia and attend some history classes.

1Victor736d ago

It was propaganda to make the enemy look bad or did you missed the big fat gay soldier and the cowardly Japanese