Opinion: I Really, Really Dislike Man of Steel

The Punished Backlog writer Keisuke Isobe explains: "Man of Steel was a poorly made mess of a movie, and Zack Snyder's misguided, antithetical take on Superman set the DCEU on a crash course to disaster."

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StarWarsFan747d ago

If you want to enjoy Superman, I suggest everyone go for the original with Christopher Reeve.

thekhurg746d ago

Man of Steel is far superior. It actually has accountability of actions, a real villain, and a better backstory presentation.

EmperorDalek746d ago

The first point is rubbish. He's helping people while making sure the general public doesn't know of his existence. That's why he used fake identities to travel early on (as stated by Louis.) So long as there's no footage, no one can really prove or know what they see. The situation with his father would have had him caught.

He's not holding back, he's just laying low. Big difference. You say the moment with the truck wasn't Superman-like... but that's the problem with a lot of the people who hate the movie. You complain that there's no character development... Yet you expect Clarke to already be perfect from the get-go, failing to acknowledge that he did develop quite a lot in MoS, and was set up for more development in future movies.

I guarantee that he will be the perfect hero that fans will like in Justice League... But Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were necessary in terms of his journey to getting to that stage.

KingPin746d ago

holy crap ive never read so much horsecrap in my life before.
i feel like replying sensibly to everything this guy wrote but f-it. life is too short to explain simple things he calls flaws.
i suggest maybe he watch the movie a second/third/fourth time mostly because he was too slow to pick things up the first time round, not because the movie is confusing or anything like that, just judging by how he complains about simeple things which were clearly explained or implied in the movie itself.

im not saying MoS was the best superman movie by any means but it sure wasnt anywhere near the trash which is where this guys garbage article belongs.

AnubisG746d ago

What? Man of Steel was awesome.
There will be always someone to bitch about something.

MilkMan746d ago

Cant agree. I love Man of Steel. Christopher Reeve brought charm to the role. But Everything Henry Calvin's Superman did was everything I imagined Reeves could do. I love everything about it. Its one of my favorite superhero movies of all time.