Why Hollywood Hasn't Made A Great Video Game Movie Yet

It's a sad fact that for every highly successful movie Hollywood releases, there are multiple flops, yet there are some genres that seem to do exceptionally well. Anything Marvel-related is usually a winner (let's forget about X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and anything Star Trek/Star Wars related usually takes large amounts at the box office, despite what critics say. Yet one genre that has been spectacularly unsuccessful has been the videogame movie. For some reason, Hollywood can't seem to get this genre right, and much of that could lie with a fundamental disconnect between gaming and movie making, as well as a lack of storytelling.

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KingPin1249d ago

this guy pretty much hits everything on the head.

although, IMO, hollywood should try making a soul reaver movie. if they fail at that, they should just give up completely. that game has everything that could make a great movie. deep/strong characters with good character development. great story, great universe, great atmosphere. everything one needs to make a good movie.

SarcasticDuck1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

famous game that gamers will recognise but not that popular so the whole gaming community can't boicot the movie *because of nitpicks. I can see it working!

woodtock1249d ago

If Hollywood could make great video game movies then it could rival comic book movies(which is starting to fatigue some people). It all starts with a strong script and good casting. The upcoming Tomb raider movie doesn't look too good however....

SarcasticDuck1249d ago

because they remove core elements because they don't find them appealing for mainstream audiences.

thorstein1249d ago

Ummm... because it already has? Or haven't you been paying attention the last 10 times this cliche article was written by other "journos?"