Why Do All the LEGO Movies Have Daddy Issues?


The LEGO Movie wowed critics back in 2014 with its clever stop-motion-mimicking animation, visually dazzling design scheme and insightful satire of summer-blockbuster “hero’s journey” cliches; but the biggest surprise of all was the slowly-emerging twist that the entire story had actually been taking place in a sprawling LEGO display in a basement somewhere in the “real” world (and/or the imagination of the small boy playing with it). Even then, the film had one more surprise within the twist itself: poignancy. It’s ultimately revealed that the main characters’ quest (to stop the evil President Business from freezing the LEGO Universe solid) was a dramatization of the boy’s frustrated relationship with his father (Will Ferrell) – who crazy-glues his LEGO together and forbids anyone else from playing with them.

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