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10 Times Horror Movie Remakes Were Better Than The Original writes... Normally I complain if a classic movie is getting toyed around with and remade but there are sometimes that they get it just right. Check out these amazing horror movie remakes that were better than the original.

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woodtock1165d ago

"It" might join your list.....

Bitz1164d ago

I haven't seen it yet but I'm hoping it's as amazing as everyone says it is.

big_dom_returns1163d ago

It isn't. There's stuff in the original TV film, as badly made, and badly aged, as it is, that is handled better and works more effectively as a horror than the remake. But sure, if you like loud noises, it might be for you.

gangsta_red1164d ago

13 Ghosts, Carrie, Texas Chainsaw??

Credibility lost

thorstein1164d ago

gangsta red

Credibility lost.

CJQNSNYC1164d ago

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake may not be as classic, but it is definitely a very well made film. It's the film that started the insane horror classic remake craze. Carrie? The performances, the mood, the music??? The author is insane! THERE IS NO WAY THAT REMAKE COULD POSSIBLY TOUCH THE ORIGINAL!!!!

big_dom_returns1163d ago

I'm a little baffled that Carrie is on your list, whilst omitting an out and out cult classic of another John Carpenter film in The Thing. I mean, seriously? I look at a lot of these film more as updates rather than pure remakes.