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Top 5 Jump Scares in Horror Movies That Will Make You Leap Out of Your Seat writes... Horror movies are my favorite movies to watch, as long as someone watches them with me. I love a horror movie that gives you that heartstopping jump scare moment. You know the one where you jump so hard and your friend laughs at you… Yup, we have all been there

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big_dom_returns1165d ago

If you think a jump scare = horror, then I'm sorry, you haven't a clue about the genre.

2pacalypsenow1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Most people associate "Scary movie" with "Horror", and mainstream horror movies nowadays are just gore porn which is not scary at all.

But these movies an be considered Horror movies.

badz1491165d ago

The Sixth Sense. suffice to say, I lost my voice that night

Bitz1165d ago

Haha ohhhhh yeah I forgot about that one lol