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Greatest Actors of All Time Let’s talk actors for a moment! Some of the greatest movies of all time brought us some of the greatest actors. These men have made us laugh and cry while on our screens. Sadly some great actors are not with us anymore but I have no doubt that they will live on in their movies.

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ajax171164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

What about Daniel Day-Lewis??

You'd think the only actor to have won 3 Oscars would be included.

Edit: 3 lead role Oscars

Bitz1164d ago

Oh shoot yeah... My bad

WizzroSupreme1164d ago

I'll be darned if Rob Williams isn't the greatest actor of all time – One Hour Photo, World's Greatest Dad, Mrs. Doubtfire, the man had range of the gods.

blackblades1164d ago

What about Don notts, hell there's alot of them.

s45gr321164d ago

No mention of Denzel Washington. Come on, he can make an average movie entertaining.

Aldous_Snow1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Agree with your list apart from Depp and Pitt. Especially Depp. His career rests on one tired old franchise.

Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart and Christopher Lee are up there too I think

Always enjoy Samuel L Jackson too lol

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