5 Reasons Why Rick and Morty Is So Good

Rick and Morty has soared to popularity and cult status - and for good reason. From comedy to depth, we explain exactly why Rick and Morty is so good.

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roadkillers808d ago (Edited 808d ago )

Best Mother Fucking Show Ever! I have this bad boy on live stream all day.

bluefox755808d ago

Never watched it, and am reluctant to after some of the comments from the creator, and the cancerous fanbase.

k2d808d ago

I think you all pay a little too much attention to others. Try to disassosiate a little more. I think you'll end up happier in the end.

Soldierone807d ago

So I just started watching it, as I was like this and this is what I'll say.

1 It really isn't deep, it's just negative. Like everyone is now, so they connect with it. Still interesting to watch because it makes fun of the world.
2 It is funny, but not because of their blatant jokes, its the quick snips Rick makes that get me. A lot of the main jokes are just dumb "adult" jokes.
3 I honestly can't stand the voice of Morty. I also hate how Rick randomly burps, I find it annoying.