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Greatest Vampire Movies Ever Made writes... It’s no secret that I’m a huge vampire lover so it makes sense that I do a greatest vampire movie list.  Everything about vampires is appealing to me from their immortality to their good looks. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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SarcasticDuck1172d ago

There's a vampire movie I saw on TV when I was a kid that I always wanted to rewatch from start to end. The only thing I remember now is the ending where the protagonist says to another lead male "I give you a headstart" to hit the road because the protagonist is a hunter and the other guy was turned. If someone knows which movie it is, plz let me know!

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Aldous_Snow1172d ago

From Dusk til dawn was awesome. Sequels were shite though lol
Interview with the vampire is a great movie but Twilight is just terrible lol

Bitz1172d ago

Although the twilight movie was terrible I still loved the story

ajax171171d ago

Fright Night>Lost Boys