Star Wars Time Show: Trevorrow Too Cocky for Disney, Possible Replacements, and Best Snoke Pic Yet

EB: Last week saw a major shakeup in the Star Wars universe with the ousting of Colin Trevorrow from Star Wars Episode IX, so of course Nick and I fired up the mics for a new edition of our Star Wars Time Show.

We actually saved the whole Trevorrow firing, and possible replacement Directors conversation for the end of the cast, so we do go into other things Star Wars before talking about that shakeup. We kicked things off talking about a few new The Last Jedi nuggets, which include a discussion on Kylo Ren’s similarities to Darth Vader, and how Rian Johnson said that this character is fully gone yet. A new image of Supreme Leader Snoke was released too, and it is the best we’ve seen of him in the flesh so far.

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