Heart Stopping Horror Movies writes... Since Halloween isn’t far away I decided to make this list of the top 10 heart stopping horror movies. Horror movies can stick with us for a very long time if something in them scared us, be it a ghost, a jump scare or something that turned our stomach upside down.

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SarcasticDuck1112d ago

what a sh*tty article. This guy just names the most known horror movies and leaves a line like "woo spooky!" to describe them!

Bitz1112d ago

Hey sorry you didn't like my movie list. 1. I'm a woman not a guy lol. 2. They are the movies that scared me the most. I wasn't just going to make up a list cos what would be the point of me doing it. 3. It's an opinion piece which means it's my opinion not anyone else's and 4 I never said woo spooky lol. Thanks for the comment though all the same.


I really need to get around to watching Insidious again. Very good movie but i didn't care for the sequels too much. I'm hoping pt.4 will get the franchise back on track.

Bitz1112d ago

Yeah I'm not keen on the sequels either

SarcasticDuck1112d ago

1. your gender is not the point here, but sorry if I offended you (Bitz sounds like an unisex name to me).
2. The Thing scared you more than say... Blair Witch Project? Have you watched a lot of horror movies? (honest question, not trying to accuse you of nothing)
3. It didn't sounded like an opinion piece when I read the introduction.
4. off course not. my point was, you didn't even explained why they are "The Top 10 Heart Stopping Horror Movies".
Thanks for reading my comment all the same.

Bitz1112d ago

Yeah I watch a lot of Horror Movies. I didn't enjoy Blair witch it didn't really scare me at all if I'm honest. The 2nd one was better.

Bitz1112d ago

Oh and no not offended at all :)

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Bitz1112d ago

Yeah I'm not keen on the sequels either.

Aldous_Snow1112d ago

The only scary about Poltergeist was that old creepy dude from Poltergeist 2. The remake was embarrassing bad.
IT was scary in its day, but its just laughable now
Yeah Freddy was scary in his day too, gave me lot of nightmares lol
Didnt find Jaws or The Ring scary at all
Insidious made me jump alot and hated the tiptoes\tulips song hahah. Sequels were crap.
Thirteen ghosts was rubbish
1408? Wasn't that called Room 1408? I vaguely remember the movie
The Thing is classic
And the Grudge was scary in its day, but laughable now. The sequels were rubbish too

Bitz1112d ago

Lol I love horror movies but I am a huge wimp lol. I'm sure it was just 1408 lol

ajax171111d ago

I started watching the the 1990 "It" yesterday, and holy crap I forgot how incredibly cheesy it is. I remember liking it when I was a kid, but man, that really doesn't hold up well. Tim Curry does a great job, but everyone else is terrible, lol.

theshredded1111d ago

Girl on thumbnail is fron 13 Ghosts, no need to thank me.