Greatest Television Endings of All Time

With Game of Thrones entering its final season, VG Culture HQ is reflecting on the greatest television endings. What is the most satisfying TV show of ever?

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guywazeldatatt1122d ago

Honestly LOST is a once in a lifetime event. Nothing will every top it again.

spicelicka1120d ago

I loved the ending! With the kind of show it was I couldn't really think of any other ending that would be satisfying to me.

Some people wanted it to end by showing aliens doing an experiment on us......that would be stupid as hell.

lalalala1120d ago

Lost by FAR has the worst ending to a TV show I've ever seen. I loved the show, and was a big fan of it, but people are blinded by the lead up to the end rather than looking at the actual end. I'll ask you one question, and I want you to think about the answer without googling it, what actually happened at the end?

Every person you ask will give you a different answer. In my opinion this is the answer to that question "They all died happily ever after". That is what happened, the show didn't resolve a lot of questions it brought up initially, all it said was some people made it off the Island, others stayed on the Island and lived out the rest of their lives separately, and met when they were all dead.

That literally could be done in any show in the world. It's just stupid, What was the black smoke monster? Where did it come from? Who were the 2 immortal guys? Why could one of them make themselves look like other characters? What happened to the people who stayed on the island? There's probably more questions, I watched almost all the episodes of the show, I remember vaguely something about the immortal guys and the "evil" one controlled the black smoke monster, but I don't remember a clear answer on some of these things. That is why Lost's ending fails spectacularly.

blacktiger1120d ago

im not too sure about that, LOST IS GREAT, but if you watch again, just too much talking and dragging and nothing really happened.
Breaking Bad, Black Sails and many more are really amazing~!

oKidUKo1121d ago

I don't think i've ever been truly satisfied with an ending. Certainly not Lost. Chuck was close though.

DarkZane1120d ago

Angel? Really? That ending was meant as a season finale and not a series finale, since they thought they were gonna get an early renewal.

guywazeldatatt1120d ago

it still works man. very well. epitomized the show perfectly regardless.

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TricksterArrow1120d ago

Angel's ending was good, but I felt that Buffy's ending was... well, an ending.

blackblades1120d ago

I can name the worst, dark matters, alphas, glades. Big as cliffhangers.

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WizzroSupreme1120d ago

Ugh, you're telling me Lost is on this list? No way.

guywazeldatatt1120d ago

It's the best, no questions asked.

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