Jeepers Creepers 3 Film Premiere Canceled After Protest Threats

The early premiere of Jeepers Creepers 3 has been cancelled after protest threats against the film's director Victor Saliva, a convicted sex offender.

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SarcasticDuck1117d ago

Slipknot knows best "People = sh*t". Just give us the movie now anyway, direct to Blu-ray plz, I wanna see it!

Deadpoolio1116d ago

Yeah you go right on ahead and support child rape.....There is no universe where this or any other films from a convicted child rapist deserve to actually get made....

SarcasticDuck1114d ago

As far as i'm concern, the director is part of the "people". Besides, I just wanna watch the movie, couldn't care less about the director but his art (good or bad) should not be condemned by his crimes.

ajax171117d ago

I mean, the guy did his time, right? It's not like the crime happened AFTER the first two jeepers creepers movies were out. Just don't support his movies if you don't like the guy. These people are idiots.

Deadpoolio1116d ago

There is no universe where a child rapist deserves to be rewarded....He should be left dying in a ditch somewhere castrated...The real idiots are the ones who clearly support child rapists, obviously those idiots who watch these films do because they love to reward them with money.......You've never done your time when you diddle children, especially not when you RAPE said children

WizzroSupreme1117d ago

Dang, it's about as creepy as ever!

gangsta_red1116d ago

Funny how a pedophile like Roman Polanski is celebrated but this guy (who shouldn't be either) is protested


And don't forget woody allen...

Deadpoolio1116d ago

Your aware he RAPED a child right? Not only raped a child but idiots go pay money to support rapist pedos....NOBODY celebrates Roman Polanski either BTW......But you go right on ahead and reward the child rapist by with your wallet......Roman Polanski also hasn't made a film in probably over 30 years

isa_scout1116d ago

Roman Polanski directed The Pianist which was a critically acclaimed film.

rebeljoe141116d ago

Yes he's a pedo and should be chastise but fuck these idiot protrsting a movie that other people worked really hard on and a lot of people wanted to see

Deadpoolio1116d ago

Because they support child rape obviously.....He shouldn't even be able to find people willing to work on anything he wants to do because there is no universe where a child rapist should ever be rewarded with even one cent....But clearly the child rapist supporters will rush out to see this garbage, cause its OK that he likes to rape children....

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