Game of Thrones Finale Top 5 Moments

The Game of Thrones finale was superb and among one of the series' best episodes. Here are our Game of Thrones finale top 5 moments.

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lifeistranger1125d ago

Honestly Ice Dragon was #1. How can you have it at five!? The entire series has built towards, from the opening scene, the wall coming down

guywazeldatatt1125d ago

People like you spoiled me ugh

guywazeldatatt1125d ago

The revelation that Jon is Aegon...nothing tops that. NOTHING

TheSuperiorGamer1125d ago

dragon pit. I want CleganeBowl! Solid list, but, I think Theon's scene with Jon and fight with the other Iron Born is really up there.

guywazeldatatt1125d ago

@thesuperiorgamer, Theon's scene was like #6. I really wanted to include it but I will not go beyond 5 with lists. Love his redemption story though.

guywazeldatatt1125d ago

it was a character-driven episode. Had to go with that at five for that reason alone.

Speed-Racer1125d ago

Damn bro, stop trying so hard to raise your story heat.

Aldous_Snow1125d ago

Definitely lookin forward to the mountain vs the hound. Been waitin for it since season 1 haha

Baelish BS finally comin to an end. Brilliant scene. And loved his "oh shit" face :)