Most Over Rated Actors and Actresses Ever writes... Just because famous actors and actresses star in movies, it does not mean that they are any good at the roles they play. Let’s take Tom Cruise, for instance, sure some of his roles he gets spot on but most of the time I just find him cringe-worthy and a bit of an over actor.

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big_dom_returns1126d ago

So a bunch of non actors and one that really doesn't deserve to be mentioned (Tom). Di Caprio should be top of that list.

Bitz1126d ago

Oh Dam Dicaprio of course

Omnislashver361126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Most of Hollywood are non-actors. Geez having every character talk in a low voice 100% of the time is not characterization.

kevnb1125d ago

what motivated this list of actors "other people like but I don't"?