Can Netflix Stay On Top as Streaming Competition Grows?


The Walt Disney Company recently announced plans to launch their own streaming platform to exclusively house their historic array of film as well as their sports services through ESPN. This means that not only will they be removing their content from now-competition services like Netflix, but that they’ll be hoping to carve themselves a hefty slice of that increasingly profitable pie.

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Soldierone1124d ago

It's going to get overcrowded and a lot of them will complain about piracy again before shutting down, and all the licenses return to 3rd parties because the publishers themselves don't want to handle it. Let's hope Netflix survives to that point.

Retroman1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

" can Netflix stay on Top as streaming competition grows?"

Netflix is ok for classic B/W movies, movies from 70's,80's,90's early 2000 .
but watching something recent still in theater ? Netflix is Not the one . Best bet buy one time payment 100.00 android xbmc streaming box with Kodi,Skype,Internet Broswer,Live tv, Live Cable, international channels etc. Noooooooooooo monthly payment .
Netflix is thing of the pass . whatever playing at the theater 2 hours later bam, im watching it in bed with my girl.
Noooooooooooo more getting dress,no more driving downtown for high parking ticket, no more paying High price movie ticket , no more High price hotdog,soda,popcorn ,pizza. No more waiting 2-3 years for Netflix to pay license rights fee for Wonder Woman , Justice League, BvS, Avengers Infinite war, StarWars 8 to be added to netflix menu those days are over.