WB And The Man Who Laughs - Nerds on the Rocks

DC Comics looks to expand their movie-making arm by establishing a line of out of continuity movies in addition to the DCEU. Their Elseworlds

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SarcasticDuck1120d ago

i don't like the idea. It just sounds like "if it flops like the other movies, it's like it never happened!"

GameTavern1118d ago

I don't know, why not have back-up plans. Not a bad move

SarcasticDuck1118d ago

they lost faith on themselves basically. If things get absolutely sh*t, I would rather have a big scale event (flashpoint, Crisis, Rebirth, whatever) to rewrite their mistakes instead of having "elseworld" stuff. It's too soon for the DCEU to be talking about Batman Beyond and stuff like that. Just recast Affleck (if he really intends to leave), keep Batman's cowl on for a couple years and when people get used to the new cast