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Back In The Day: The 10 Best Horror Movies From The 80s

Ahh, the ’80s. What a decade. Mullets were cool, yo-yos were a thing, shoulder pads made even the most beautiful girl look peculiarly repellent, and half the globe strutted their stuff with a ghetto-blaster on their shoulder and a Game Boy in their back pocket. Happy days.

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alexgibson1129d ago

A golden era, for sure..

TheHip141129d ago

Such a good time for horror.

thorstein1128d ago

And so many of them were PG!

FTLmaster1128d ago

Yeah, a lot of horror movies, like Gremlins, were PG. But there's only one PG rated horror flick that made it onto this list: Poltergeist. The rest are very gory, bloody affairs that are rated R (or 15/18 certificate if you're from the uk like me).

Deadpoolio1127d ago

Literally ONE of them was PG...All the rest were between R and X......Its also missing Day of the Dead which was also R.......I know I saw Dawn of the Dead in 2nd grade, and my mother took me to see Day of the Dead in theaters in 1983 and Return of the Living Dead in theaters 1985.....PG was NOT a thing when it came to horror there was R or X

Bitz1128d ago

Such a great time for horror movies

Deadpoolio1127d ago

Because studios didn't have to spend 100 billion dollars to make a film back then....Horror movies could be made for 2 million and made back 20+ million IF it were successful.....They also weren't worried about making sure that Little Jimmy could get into the theater to see these movies, because parents were actual parents and did their job.....I was the only kid in 2nd grade that got to see Dawn of the Dead, and the only kid whose mother took her elementary school child to see Day of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead in theaters.....Kind of strange that Day of the Dead was left off the list considering its a great film and came out the same years as Return of the Jedi.

FTLmaster1127d ago

Day of the Dead is in the honourable mentions on the first page...