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One Death In Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall Could Spell Doom For the Good Guys

EB: Many characters — major ones at that — have died in Game of Thrones. Hell, the show’s main lead was offed during the first season when King Joffrey sentenced Ned Stark to death for his apparent treason. Martin has never been shy about killing major characters, and neither has the TV show’s creators, who obviously take notes from George on who is set to die next.

While there have been plenty of deaths on Game of Thrones throughout its seven seasons, there was one lone death in “Beyond the Wall” that could be one of the most costly for the good guys battling it out in the game of thrones.

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Aldous_Snow1131d ago

I was like OMG, jaw dropped lol Never occurred to me till they started draggin it out at the end.

Was gutted when it died though. Nice and brutal

Can see the Night King riding it into battle now.