Best Movie Characters Ever

Out of all the great movies that have hit our screens, we all have our favorite characters. This list was a hard one to come up with but I eventually decided on a best movie Characters list. Some may not agree with my choices but hey ho that’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

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KingPin1136d ago

captain jack sparrow was such a good character, johnny depp decided to play play every character after that the same.
it was almost as if the lone ranger had captain jack sparrow acting as tonto.

Bitz1136d ago

i totally agree with you 100%

nevin11136d ago


I agree with bettlejuice being a great character but Thor?

nevin11136d ago

That's nothing compared to Ace Ventura Pet Detective portrayed by Jim Carey.

Bitz1136d ago

I can't help it I watched him growing up and he stuck with me lol