Is Cinema Sins Bad For Film Criticism?


For the past five years, YouTube juggernaut Cinema Sins has become one of the major voices in online film discussion. Their main channel, which consists almost exclusively of their patented Sin videos where the team go through a chosen movie scene-by-scene pointing out continuity errors, poor filmmaking decision and otherwise picking it apart, has over 7 million subscribers and new videos (released twice-a-week) typically hit 2 million views in a matter of weeks (and have a very strong like to dislike ratio). What we’re saying is, they’re big. But are they a good thing? A recent debate about the channel sparked by some major Hollywood names has called their underlying ethos into question.

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ajax171129d ago

These no name directors need to quit their whining! It's not like he's personally attacking them. They should be so honored to have their movies featured on SS.

Lord_Sloth1128d ago

The videos are meant to be funny....I happen to enjoy them even if I liked the movie. XXXD