Episode Six Of Game of Thrones Season 7 Airs 5 Days Early in Spain By Mistake

Leaks aren’t new and rare but this one… Is a bit special. Apparently, someone at HBO Spain aired episode six by mistake.

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mafiahajeri1138d ago

Well it was a super shit episode.

Averyashimself1137d ago

Do you mean because of what happened or??

NecoTehSergal1137d ago

Seems like a lot of people these days hype up the more popular shows and then start crying about how bad they are, I've seen people even saying the same that Rick and Morty 3 has 'so far been shit' and it blows my mind how so many are blaming everything else but themselves, on hyping themselves up so much, then something not being able to deliver, and they blame EVERYTHING and everyone except their own hype and disappointment having overreached reality.

In reality, while GoT is nearly ending and it's becoming more and more predictable, they're still solid episodes.