'Annabelle: Creation' EW Review


When she was first introduced in 2013’s The Conjuring, Annabelle was very much a supporting player – a bit of added creepiness in a first-rate frightfest that already had plenty of creepiness to go around. Based on the (well deserved) success of that film, a year later the demonic doll with the apple cheeks and pigtails became the main attraction in the anemic spin-off, Annabelle. The main stage didn’t serve her well. There just wasn’t enough ‘there’ there to carry her own film. It was nothing more than a quick cash-in to scare up a few bucks while the goosebumps from The Conjuring were still fresh. So, naturally, she’s now been given a sequel. But none of this will seem new to horror fans. Their genre has never known the phrase “Enough is enough.”

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