Two Scenes in Game of Thrones: Eastwatch Mostly Confirmed Everyone’s Jon Snow Theories

EB: Considering we’re talking about Game of Thrones where nothing plays out as fans may expect, we could only take this new information in stride hoping that it would payoff later on, or that more details would be made available to bolster our theories at a later date. Well, thanks to “Eastwatch” — in particular two key scenes — we now know more facts about Mr. Snow that really do support the fact that he’s...

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cell9891136d ago

He's not a bastard!!! CONFIRMED!!

thekhurg1136d ago

That was clearly explained last season.

Averyashimself1136d ago

Yes we know that hes not a bastard to Ned Stark. Now the show has confirmed that he is not a bastard to Rhaegar, that he is a legitimate son born in wed-lock.