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Schwarzenegger Talks Shooting Plans for 'Triplets,' 'Terminator,' & 'Conan'

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Arnold Schwarzengger revealed quite a bit in an interview with Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung. The actor has three long-awaited projects — a sequel to Twins and another installment in his Terminator and Conan franchises — filming one after another starting this fall.

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BenRage31133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Terminator hasn't been the same since T2. I thought salvation had some good points, but it wrapped up too quickly and felt edited for time. All of these sequels feel unnecessary, however if James Cameron is on board, we may finally get a proper, cogent sequel. Conan could have a lot of potential, because novels like "Hour of the Dragon" did feature an aged King Conan, which I think would make an excellent movie. Here's hoping.

GAMExxOVER1133d ago

The only shot any of those movies has is if Arnold stays out of them, he can only hurt them.

GAMExxOVER1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

When you have no creativity, no originality, you can always pump out crapy sequels and spinoffs in hopes of making a buck or two off of disappointing viewers. Besides, who wants to see a shriveled up old man with saggy tits in leather moaning when he swings the sword because it hurts his back and knees? What role is he going to play in Terminator?is he going after Connors grandmother and now has to blend in with the old folks with his elephant skin outer meat shell? And triplets? You know that is going to stink.

chris2351133d ago

i liked genisys very much. the only thing where it felt cringeworthy was when schwarzenegger was to be seen non-cgi'ed. he's way too old now. either stick to the cgi-schwarzenegger or leave it be.

BenRage31132d ago

Genisys didn't follow the plot of Salvation. They changed how John Connor met Kyle Reece for example. It felt like a movie completely removed from the plot up to that point. All of the movies have some strong point, but by and large the story gets rewritten every single time with the same overused plot device: Terminator comes back in time to kill someone. So, while Genysis had good production values, and Arnold was great as usual, I didn't feel the stakes this time around, because the same overused plot device no longer has any impact.