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Cameron Says Stay Tuned to T6 for Arnold’s Human Character: The T-800 Origin


In a live Q&A today with James Cameron, discussing August 25th’s T2 in 3D release, the director gave us a few great exclusives on the True Lies blu-ray, ALIENS in 3D and told us some very exciting Terminator 6 news! James Cameron tells TheArnoldFans to stay tuned to T6 as he’s thought a great deal about WHERE the bad T-800 from T1 got his DNA, look and voice. It appears in T6 that we’ll get Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a HUMAN character in which the T-800 gets his looks.

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Aldous_Snow1872d ago

Lol, so so sad. Just let it die

mafiahajeri1872d ago

Man I hope they do the series justice it's been abused way to many times.

SarcasticDuck1871d ago

big franchises like Alien, Terminator or Indiana Jones will NEVER have another good movie! (Prometheus was a miracle that everyone hated)

ajax171871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Holy hell, they're still making these? I thought they would've learned their lesson after Genisys

s45gr321871d ago

I know right. Is sad to say but Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was the best of the terminator universe right up there with the first two terminators. I said put this series to sleep because is becoming Sonic the hedgehog of movies.

s45gr321871d ago

No let Terminator rest in peace, please don't ruin it anymore.