Join The Dark Side: 6 Reasons We Love To Hate Star Wars Villains

Admit it. As evil as they may be, everyone loves to hate the Star Wars villains, and here are 6 reasons for why we think that is!

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NewMonday1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

there was a great story arc in the EU old republic era where the villains are zealot light side Jedi masters who killed kids trying to stop a prophecy, they didn't have hate or anger but they also cut off empathy, it was one of the best SW stories ever.

the First Order could have been something like that instead of the same old darkside/Sith plot.

1Victor1142d ago

I don't know what you read I couldn't get passed the 2nd one paragraph per page CLICK FARMING

yomfweeee1143d ago

The point shall make sense, but the title got it wrong.
People actually love the Star Wars bad guys. Vader, Boba, Darth Maul and even the Emperor.