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Josh Brolin Turned Down 'Avatar' Sequel Role, James Cameron's Upset

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Josh Brolin brought down the Infinity Gauntlet on James Cameron when he denied an Avatar sequel role and Cameron was a little upset.

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MasterD9191141d ago

4 Avatar sequels...I don't think anyone wanted even 1 sequel. This is going to be the biggest waste of money in film possibly ever. Good for Brolin to say no to locking himself into sequels for a series nobody has any interest in. Avatar was used to introduce 3D movies to cinemas around the world, and most people still prefer to watch movies the ole fashion way. Also, Cameron just sounds like a complete douche for calling out Brolin, who is going to be the biggest name in Hollywood once Deadpool 2 and Infinity War comes out. And after the 4 AVATAR SEQUELS--- a reboot of terminator? Even Spielberg doesn't suck enough to make reboots of his old films or endless sequels. Cameron has been sitting in an edit room for a bit too long.

4 Avatar sequels...good god. I feel sorry for Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver. This will eat up a lot of their time...

SamPao1140d ago

A sequel to the highest grossing movie of all time. What a waste of money right :D

gunnerforlife1140d ago

Yes i feel really sorry for them. Getting dozens of millions of dollars per paycheck. If the movies make as much as the first avatar they're going to be f*ck*ng rich.. be right back while i go cry in a corner for weaver :(

Senboza1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

4 movies? Keep it coming baby! Don't know why it's so popular to hate on the Avatar movies. Yes it had the same story as Pocahontas, Dances with Wolves, Last Samurai, but so what? Every movie mirrors another movie's story these days. Look at the Marvel movies, nobody hates those for whatever reason.

MagicBeanz1140d ago

"I don't think anyone wanted even 1 sequel." Cause you speak for literally everybody?

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PapaBop1140d ago

Turns down a chance to star in a James Cameron movie yet accepts the lead role in a whitewashed Asian masterpiece?

franwex1140d ago

James Cameron is notoriously bad to work for. Also, in the article I was stated that the sequels will be shot like a mini series. Maybe the level of commitment required for Avatar was not worth it, specially with what Brolin currently has going on.
Obviously Cameron talking sh*t because he can't get Brolin doesn't help his case either. Cameron is already getting pissy, imagine working with him for months on end and fully committing to 4 movies of his instead of different projects.

And yep...I'm seriously not interested in Avatar either.

annoyedgamer1140d ago

Avatar was so overrated, it was literally visuals mixed with a huge marketing campaign and an extremely shallow story.