Reynolds Shares Pic of Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

EB: Ryan Reynolds has tweeted out an image of Josh Brolin as Cable for his Deadpool 2 role, and he really does look the part.

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badz1491150d ago

why is Cable so thin? shouldn't he be buffed a little?

trooper_1150d ago

Yeah, I agree. Cable's buffed as hell.

badz1491149d ago's like that X-Men Apocalypse movie all over again. Apocalypse is bigger than THAT!

and OMG, just found a screenshot of both of them here

Agent_00_Revan1149d ago

I mean, that's what a normal person looks like. Josh is buff, but not over exaggerated comic book buff. Thats not really possible without CG or a body suit that is probably impractical.

Heavenly King1149d ago

they should have buffed him using CGI