Breaking: Ben Affleck Signs On For Matt Reeves' The Batman Trilogy, Batman Beyond Coming As Well

According to a source from Warner Bros., Ben Affleck has signed on to appear in Matt Reeves' The Batman trilogy. Reportedly, Affleck will assume the mantle of the Dark Knight for at least three more

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annoyedgamer814d ago (Edited 814d ago )

Milk! Get your milk here!

Jermsallstar814d ago

Hey! Yeah, can I get 2, please? And an extra straw? Thanks

nucky64814d ago

do you have chocolate???.....I like chocolate milk.

Aldous_Snow814d ago

This sort of thing should have been sorted way in advance.

Still a terrible choice for Batman though

nucky64814d ago

not really - he's at least closer to the comicbook batman than any other - including bale.

thekhurg813d ago

He's the best batman ever put on screen. Solo movies will show how good of a Wayne he'll be.

SarcasticDuck814d ago

they will make Batman Beyond a member of JL? Gosh, this is doomed!

Porcelain_Chicken814d ago

Wait, how did you reach that conclusion from that from this?

They are planning a Batman Beyond movie, that's it. No mention of Terry McGuinness in the Justice League. Although core members of the JL have appeared in his animated series. So it's not very far fetched.

neoragex813d ago

Superhero movies everywhere.. all about the money!

neoragex813d ago

I kinda wud've like Christian bale but whatever.