Funko Pop SDCC ’17 Exclusives Pt. 1 Review: Auquaman, Aragorn and Arwen, Harry on Broom

EB: The first wave of my Funko Pop SDCC exclusive hauls are trickling in, so I took them out of their boxes and put them in front of a camera to show them off to the Funko-loving public. In this first video — trust me there will be more thheanks to my ridiculous obsession — I show off the Auquaman with Mother Box Pop, the Aragorn and Arwen 2-pack, and the Harry Potter on broom with Snitch Pop. I also threw in the recently released Blizzard Store exclusive D.VA with Meka Overwatch Pop for good measure. Mostly because she released during the same window as the SDCC Funko Pop exclusives, so her inclusion just made sense.

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