Speculation Mounts As Zack Snyder Removes All Mention Of Justice League From His Twitter Account


Joss Whedon is currently in charge of Justice League and now a surprising move by Zack Snyder on social media has been generating a lot of discussion about the filmmaker's involvement with the movie...

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SarcasticDuck455d ago

it's like Konami firing Kojima except the company is the good guys in this case!

S2Killinit454d ago

True, accept snyder is not talented enough to be compared to Kojima. His movies are pure junk.

thekhurg454d ago

He's an action director and he's one of the best in the industry at filming action sequences.

300 also wasn't a junk movie. He had great source material for the script to work from. If you have fault with BvS because of the "Martha" scene then blame Goyer not Snyder.

ZombieKiller454d ago

Actually no. He stepped down because he wanted to be with his family after his daughter committed suicide, This has no relevance, similarity or relation to Konami and that situation and was a terrible analogy.

I have high hopes for this film and do truly hope that it turns out amazing. I trust it in the hands that it's in right now. I liked BvS after a few tries. I hated Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor but whatever. I dont think he will be back. Batman was awesome, Superman was too. I dont understand the whole Martha thing and why everyone cares. It was that very same trauma that MADE the Batman so you would think at this point, he's still haunted by it. When he quits being Batman in The Dark Knight Returns (which is what this movie is HEAVILY inspired by) he goes crazy...Batman starts talking to him as if he is a 2nd personality in Bruce's head, and Bruce can't survive without him... so why doesn't them sharing the same mother's name make him possibly think that he's too wrapped up in his Bat situation? It's what drove him in the first place and I think they meant it to catch his attention. Makes sense.

I liked it and do hope that JL turns out amazing. It looks good so far, they just need to drop the cool guy act.

StarWarsFan455d ago

He had a family tragedy and left. I don't know if Warner Bros. was plotting to replace him in this movie already this late in the game. If they wanted him out, I think they would have taken him out last year after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. That's not to say he would've been invited back after this movie. I think they stuck with him for this one because it was late in the game and plans were set before Dawn Of Justice came out.

SarcasticDuck454d ago

as far as i'm aware, your thoughts are actually facts

-Foxtrot454d ago

Companies can be really shitty, maybe they saw that tragedy and thought "shit...this is our chance to get him out on easier grounds"

I know awful...but these things do happen

yomfweeee454d ago

OMG he changed his profile picture and banner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PapaBop454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

Welcome to modern day journalism, every little social media interaction gets closely scrutinised with them foaming at the mouth for the chance to blow something out of proportion and run a garbage story.

KwietStorm454d ago

But he said himself that he was stepping away a couple months ago..